facial vein removal specialists oceansideUnattractive veins on the nose, cheeks, and around the eyes are a common problem that affects millions of people. Many patients with unwanted facial veins desire to get them removed in order to avoid embarrassment and discomfort. At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, our expert team of cosmetic dermatologists in San Diego uses the most cutting-edge laser treatments in order to safely and effectively diminish the appearance of facial veins. Every member of our team is a laser treatment specialist in removing facial veins and are dedicated to providing high-quality results for each patient.

How Do Facial Vein Laser Treatments Work?

Facial Vein Treatment experts San DiegoWhen it comes to getting rid of veins on the face, lasers are the most successful treatment. During a laser treatment in San Diego, precise amounts of energy are delivered to each vein which ensures that there is minimal risk to surrounding skin. Light energy is distributed through a unique handpick and directed to a specific vein. The blood vessels absorb the heat and energy, causing that blood vessel to clog and become slowly absorbed by the body.

Laser treatments are virtually painless and there is minimal discomfort. The targeted area may feel tender for a few days and some patients may notice swelling, redness or blistering. These symptoms can be easily alleviated by placing ice on the affected area. Our doctors are more than happy to provide patients with full details of what they should expect following their procedure.

Lasers for Facial Veins

At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, we own a wide range of lasers to ensure that we have the ideal laser to meet the needs of each individual patient. In fact, many of our board-certified dermatologists have been involved in the development of some of these lasers and have performed thousands of facial vein treatments. We use the following lasers to treat facial veins:

  • spider vein removal specialists del marPDL/Nd:Yag combination
  • Nd:Yag long pulsed dye lasers
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
  • Pulse Dye Lasers (PDL)
  • CTEV (Intravascular Laser)

The type of laser used will depend on a variety of factors, which your doctor will explain to you prior to your treatment. Our board-certified dermatologists will select exactly which laser is right for you and perform the treatment that will produce the most ideal results.

Dr. Groff Discusses Facial Vein Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

Our doctors have answered many frequently asked questions about facial veins for you to refer to below. Please feel free to contact our office at (858) 365-3622 if you have any more questions!

vein removal specialists del marQ: How long do treatments take?

A: Facial vein treatment sessions typically last 20-30 minutes.

Q: How many treatment sessions will I need before I see results?

A: Depending on the size and depth of the vein, some patients may require multiple treatment sessions. On average, 2-5 treatments are ideal in order to see optimal results.

Q: What causes facial veins?

A: The exact cause of facial veins is unknown, however, they have been linked to genes, sun exposure, oral contraceptives, hormone therapy, and the natural aging process. Rosacea, a treatable skin condition, has also been linked to facial veins.

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Q: What are spider veins?

A: Spider veins are a small type of veins that are typically red or blue. Compared to varicose veins, they are more superficial and closer to the surface of the skin. Spider veins can take the appearance of a thin red line, tree branches, or spider webs. Most people find spider veins in either a large or small area on their legs or face. Laser treatments are safe and effective in treating unwanted spider veins and is effective on most skin types.

Q: Are laser vein treatments painful?

A: Pain during a laser treatment for facial veins is very minimal. Some patients may experience slight discomfort when the energy is delivered to the vein. Patients who are especially concerned can receive a topical anesthetic to help manage any pain. Once the treatment is completed, there is virtually no pain involved.

Q: Will the veins return once a laser treatment is complete?

A: In order to ensure optimal results, patients are encouraged to wear sunscreen on the treated area and avoid the sun as much as possible. New veins may grow over time, however, those can be easily treated and removed.

To learn more about facial spider vein treatment, visit WebMD.com.

Q: Is it safe to receive laser treatments on the face?

A: Lasers are used safely in countless numbers of medical procedures around the world and are very safe to use on the face because they only target specific veins, leaving the surrounded skin unaffected. It is crucial, however, that you visit a highly experienced laser doctor to avoid complications, such as blindness when treating areas near the eyes. Our physicians are experts in the use of the most advanced lasers and have a long track record of success as well as thousands of happy patients!

Q: Are there any risks associated with removing blue veins on the temples while in your thirties?

A: Patients may start to notice blue veins around the temple and eye areas once they turn thirty. Our doctors in San Diego are very experienced in treating these veins and shrinking them using a laser treatment. The procedure is very quick and effective in minimizing the appearance of these blue temple veins.

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