San Diego varicose veins removal expertsAt Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, our board-certified dermatologists use the most cutting-edge techniques and procedures to give patients the quality results they desire. When it comes to treating leg veins, our doctors are highly skilled in using the CoolTouch CTEV laser treatment to safely and effectively eliminate unwanted varicose veins without any surgery.

What Is CTEV Laser Vein Treatment?

spider vein specialists san diegoThe CoolTouch CTEV, a device that Dr. Goldman helped develop, is a minimally invasive way to get rid of unsightly varicose veins in the leg. This laser treatment utilizes an endovenous ablation method using a special laser fiber paired with an infrared 1320 nm wavelength device. The CTEV treatment removes the need for surgical vein removal by targeting water in the walls of the vein, allowing the vein to be completely absorbed and eliminated. This innovative laser treatment is ideal for patients who want long-lasting results to treat varicose veins in the calf, thigh, or knee area that are less than one inch wide.

oceanside leg vein removal exertsCompared to surgical vein removal, patients who undergo CTEV laser treatments have shorter recovery time, less irritation, and less risk of developing an infection. Our team of vein removal experts at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego highly recommend CoolTouch CTEV as the premier laser treatment for veins. A variation of the CoolTouch laser treatment can also be used to remove unwanted spider veins on the face around the eyes, nose, and temples. Our doctors will meet with each patient to determine if they are a good candidate for CoolTouch CTEV laser treatment. You can be assured you’re in the most competent hands as our doctors have done thousands of laser vein treatments! For those who do not qualify to receive laser treatment, our renowned doctors also specialize in performing Sclerotherapy and surgical phlebectomy vein treatments.

Dr. Goldman Demonstrates the CTEV Laser Vein Removal Procedure

Why Choose Cosmetic Laser Dermatology for Vein Treatments?

Dr. Mitchel Goldman and Dr. Sabrina Fabi are internationally recognized leaders in vein removal treatments. They are highly qualified and skilled dermatology experts who have performed more successful vein removal treatment than any other doctors in the area. Dr. Goldman has written numerous textbooks on the subject of vein removal and is considered a pioneer in the vein treatment field.

At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, our patients are literally in the best hands possible for the treatment and removal of unwanted veins. For more information about vein removal treatments in San Diego, please contact our office.

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Laser Vein Removal FAQs

In order to provide prospective patients with more information, our doctors have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions they receive regarding the CoolTouch CTEV laser removal treatments.  Please contact our office if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Q:  Who is a good candidate for CTEV laser vein treatment?

A: Anyone who has unwanted veins on their body or face has the potential of being a great candidate for CTEV laser vein treatment. We encourage those interested to schedule a consultation with one our expert doctors.

Q: Who should perform CTEV laser vein treatment?

A: Patients should seek treatment from an experienced board-certified dermatologist. Successful use of CTEV laser vein treatment requires a high level of skill and expertise in vein removal.

Q: How many treatments will I need in order to see results?

A: The number of treatments needed is dependent upon each individual patient and their needs. Depending on the amount of veins and the size of the area being treated, some patients may require multiple treatments for optimal results.

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Q: How much does laser vein removal cost?

A: Because our expert San Diego dermatologists create an ideal treatment plan for each individual patient, a price cannot be determined until after an initial consultation.

Q: How long does it take to see results?

A: Patients treated with CoolTouch CTEV in San Diego will start seeing incredible results after only a few weeks. After the treatment, your legs will need to heal and the results will continue to improve. For the best results, some patients may want to consider combining laser vein removal with Sclerotherapy treatments.

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