At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, our team of expert dermatologists highly value patient satisfaction. We enjoy hearing from happy patients who have had positive experiences with us! Below is a list of reviews from patients over the years who have been highly satisfied with their vein treatments, including sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, and laser vein removal. If you are considering becoming a patient, please contact our office in San Diego today!

Patient Testimonials for Dr. Goldman

“I was recommended to Dr Goldman from 2 of my friends who get services from him. He treated my spider veins with sclerotherapy and they looked so much better. He is a pioneer in this treatment. He teaches people how to do it. I mentioned I previously had it done in CT and it came back twice and he was familiar with that doctor in CT who performed my previous treatment. Dr Goldman is at the top of his field and the treatments are worth the price.”

“I am so glad I went to see Dr. Goldman. The office is clean, comfortable, and the doctor was amazing! I will definitely be coming here again and letting everyone know about Dr. Goldman.”

Hear From Dr. Groff’s Happy Patients

“I recommend Dr. Groff for any cosmetic dermatology treatment. He treated my ugly spider veins and I am so thrilled with the results! I can wear skirts again without being embarrassed about the veins on my legs!”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Groff’s for over 10 years! He is so easy to talk to! He explains all of the procedures, how they work, what your options are, and then works – surprise- with your lifestyle, budget, etc.”  

Patient Testimonials for Dr. Fabi

“Yet another great experience! I had another treatment for my spider veins, sclerotherapy. It’s been two weeks and my results are amazing! No more yucky spider veins! As expected Dr. Fabi is the Best! I still am wearing my compression stockings just because I like the support. But only 1 week full time and the second week, half of the day. Easy as pie.”

“Dr. Fabi is wonderful!!! I would really recommend her to anyone who wants a treatment but is hesitant about adverse effects. She is so sweet and genuinely cares about her patients, but also really knows her stuff. I am really happy with my experience here and would absolutely book any future procedure with Dr. Fabi. She’s the best!!!”

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